About Us

Octogenceimages (1) is an Information Security service provider which focuses on business centric security assessment. Our aim is to help organizations to be more secure in the cyber space so that they stop worrying about data breaches and can focus on their business. Our highly qualified, experienced and motivated team aims at providing our clients the service and quality they expect. We have the expertise as well as the flexibility to provide customized solution depending upon the client requirements.

The graph of the company is a result of hard work and dedication of an expert team of professionals, which works with precision of time and technology to achieve excellence. Our team comprises proficient, experienced and skilled professionals, who keep abreast of latest developments in the domain.

With its professional approach to customer service, vast experience and economical prices, the company is the preferred choice for InfoSec services.

Why conduct Penetration Testing

pentesterPenetration testing is the process of simulating a managed and controlled attack on the IT infrastructure of an organization from an attacker’s perspective. The aim of a penetration test is to identify the gaps and flaws in the security control so that they can be timely patched and hence fortify the virtual environment. The process of pentesting follows a through process and utilized a combination of automated tools and manual methods to achieve an effective result in a timely fashion.

The rate of cyber attacks are growing with a rapid rate. New vulnerabilities are being discovered and exploited on a daily basis. With the advancements in IT infrastructure the attackers are also becoming sophisticated. Each and every organization which depends on information technology for its day to day operations needs to understand the dangers of such attacks on their digital environment and the potential loss of data, reputation and ultimately in financial terms. It’s no more a question of ‘if’ but ‘when’ will it happen. When it comes to security, being proactive is always a better approach than a reactive one.

Conducting pentesting exercise will help to:

  • Identify flaws before they are exploited by malicious actors
  • Protect critical infrastructure and maintain business continuity
  • Maintain client assurance related to the security of their data
  • Maintain essential security compliances required to conduct business

Which Companies need Penetration Testing Service

man standing on the edge and looking at the cityIn general every organization depending on IT infrastructure such as Websites, Servers, Network components etc. for operations requires pentesting services. For organization which deal with sensitive information, provide online services, manage payment online and need to assure data security, regular penetration tests is a must. Apart from this organization having critical infrastructure as a part of their core operations also need to undergo security checks to maintain their operation in an uninterrupted manner.

Many, if not most of the companies follow a reactive approach and utilize pentesting services in case when a breach has already taken place. This approach cannot compensate for the loss that has already been done by the attacker and the cost of containing the situation. Organizations need to understand that today the threat of such attacks is very real and they need to address it before it takes place, not after.[/su_spoiler]

How to choose right Penetration Testing Service

Businessman choosing the right doorMany organizations are not aware of the security landscape and hence find it difficult to identify their needs and understand what to look for in a service provider. Availability of so many options and customizations makes it even more difficult to make a decision.

Some crucial questions that need to be asked before making a choice:

  • Is the service provider able to deliver quality result in a timely fashion?
  • How much coverage and customisation is available?
  • Is the testing done using automated tools only or also utilizes manual effort?
  • What is the deliverable and in what manner?
  • How updated and relevant is the testing approach?
  • What after support is provided once the testing process is complete?

How you should benefit from Pen-Testing

Trusted scaleyourcompanyProtection seal Increased customer confidence leads to increased revenue, give your customers the peace of mind of knowing that you are taking steps to help ensure their information will remain safe and confidential.

  • Reduces security breaches as early as possible
  • Identifies latest vulnerabilities
  • Provides safe and secure network
  • Secures important data from being hacked
  • Shows customers that your organization cares about protecting their information