Relevance of Web Applications in Network Pentesting

Usually when a WAPT is conducted, the focus is only on the application and not on the server running it but it’s not the other way round. During a Network assessment the pentester might encounter different types of services and applications. So it becomes crucial to have WAPT skills while penetrating a Network. Similarly……Read More

Utility of Open Source Intelligence in modern era

Our virtual landscape has significantly changed in the past decade. With this evolution, new threats and attack vectors have also started to surface. The intelligence community relies on various methods and techniques to identify such threats and prevent them pro-actively……Read More

Importance of Reconnaissance in Pentesting

Internet is full of information and extracting relevant information can play a game changing role in many situations. Extracting information from the internet is easy, or so it seems. When performing a penetration test, it is very crucial to give enough emphasis on reconnaissance. Many times the information collected during the recon phase plays critical role during exploitation as well as post-exploitation phase of a pentest……Read More

WebSocket Security

In the recent past web applications have evolved with a rapid pace. New technologies are catching up fast and adding up to the already extensive possibilities to provide new functionalities. Today technologies like AJAX and HTML5 are extensively used in almost all newly developed web applications……Read More