Business Intelligence

chess1Open source intelligence is finding, selecting, and analyzing information from publicly available resources in any form and analyzing it to produce actionable intelligence. OSINT includes a wide variety of information and sources: social-networking sites, video sharing sites, wikis, blogs, and folksonomies, Media, Public data and other resources. OSINT is distinguished from research in that it applies the process of intelligence to create tailored knowledge supportive of a specific decision by a specific individual or group.

Our team is specialized in analyzing the trending links from the entire web which are classifieds and available free on the internet.  People, places, organizations, companies, URLs, values such as dates, currency and denomination, percentages, and virtually any other entity organization need can easily and granularly be identified, tagged and or extracted.

We produce the OCTO Web Intelligence System, the only complete, end-to-end scalable OSINT solution for government and corporate enterprise.

OCTO includes a powerful suite of tools for graphical, organic, real-time analysis of deep social media and big data.

processed data1


Key features:.

  • Automate the collection process.
  • Real time structured intelligence
  • Remove noise from data.
  • Improve gathered information
  • Use maximum advantage from multiple ontologies
  • Deep analyzing of big data
  • Pushing customized OSINT for everyone separately