Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Training

Open Source Intelligence is the art and science of collecting information which is scattered on publicly available sources. Unlike traditional traditional intelligence methods, it utilizes overt channels for gathering information. This training provides trainess with the knowledge of intelligence gathering from the public data. It emphasises on using advanced tools and techniques to extract relevant data from open web and generate actionable intelligence out of it. This training is relevant for Pentesters, Cyber Investigators, Investigative Journalists and whoever is interesting in diving deep and finding pertinent information.

A certification of accomplishment is provided after an assessment.

Some of the topics covered under the training:knight-512

  • What is OSINT
  • Relevance of OSINT
  • Data sources
  • Automating data extraction
  • Data Management and Visualization
  • Online Anonymity
  • Dark and Deep web
  • Reporting

For more details download the PDF file:

OSINT Training (1691 downloads)