Web Application Penetration Testing

Under our WAPT offering we provide our clients with high end testing service for their web applications. We perform in depth security testing of the web application to identify the vulnerabilities and logical flaws. Using advanced tools, custom scripts and manual testing we identify vulnerabilities and present them to our customers. The repost is presented with detailed description of the vulnerabilities, their impact, how to mitigate them and other relevant data. We keep our reports short, precise and it only contain information which is actionable.

It provide a 360 degrees Website protection, combination of online web vulnerability-scanner, daily malware detection & Blacklist Monitoring designed to identify security weaknesses in web applications, produces highly graphical reports, and indicates site security posture by vulnerabilities and threat exposure.

It is a strong early-warning system of defense suitable to organizations of ANY size operating on the internet. Whether your entire business operation is online or you have a very simple marketing website.


Some attacks which can be performed against websites:

  • Steal database containing sensitive information
  • Takeover the host running the website
  • Redirect visitors to malicious site
  • Deface and host illegal content
  • Hijack user sessions

We follow a hybrid model which utilizes automated as well as manual approach for testing. This allows us to provide thorough coverage and perform an in-depth assessment. Our focus is not to identify bugs superficially, but to identify business requirements and perform testing accordingly.

Our Process Includes:

  • Understanding the Application Flow
  • Identifying the technologies
  • Managed Active Scan
  • Manual Assessment
  • OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities
  • Logical Flaws
  • Advanced Attacks